What is SocialFund? We host social media challenges that help make your social environment more positive.

Your donations spread awareness across social platforms, while helping charitable organizations

Your participation makes our social environment healthier, while qualifying you to win a cash prize

Current Challenges


Thousands of people are killed each year due to texting while driving. Help discourage this behavior by exposing your friends if you see them do it. Post a video on your social of a friend who was caught red handed along with some text that shames them. Add the hashtag #ExposeTWD for a chance to win a prize. Together we will decrease this dangerous activity.


Millions of tons of trash end up on the streets every year. We and we alone are responsible for keeping our environment clean. Help keep the environment clean by posting a photo or video of you recycling, along with some text explaining the importance of recycling. 


As the average cost of tuition continues to increase, college students struggle more and more to make ends meet. Help support the education of our youth by providing money for textbooks. To qualify to win money for textbooks, show the world how much you payed for them by posting a picture of the receipt along with the hashtag #Moneyfortxtbooks